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Colorado WaterJet Company
5186-F Longs Peak Rd
Berthoud, CO 80513
(970) 532-5404 (866) 532-5404
F: 970-532-5405 Map  
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Precision Waterjet Services

About Us:
Colorado WaterJet Company is Colorado's oldest, largest, and most experienced
job shop specializing in abrasive waterjet shape cutting. Our equipment includes a
Dynamic WaterJet; the most advanced waterjet available.

Established in 1997 by Dan Nibbelink, a Mechanical Engineer and Registered Professional Engineer. At that time he had twenty years experience in mechanical design and
manufacturing engineering with medical equipment, computer peripherals and industrial companies. That experience helps him understand your requirements so you can get
the best product for the lowest cost.

Abrasive Waterjet can cut near-net or final shapes, including holes, out of any
material, any thickness, without creating a heat affected zone (haz). Standard tolerances
are 0.010 inch for thickness up to two inches. Tighter tolerances of 0.005 or better
are achievable. The cut is smooth, with no burr or slag.

Our cutting envelope is 72" x 144" x 8"
With our new Dynamic Waterjet machine we can cut without taper,
yield much higher precision than standard waterjet (See specs)

Materials we work:
Steel (mild, stainless, tool, high alloy, hardened) Aluminum, Titanium, Brass, Copper,
Bronze Inconel, Hastaloy, Tungsten, Invar, Zirconium Marble, Granite, Glass,
Composites, Plastics, Rubber, Foam

Any size job is welcome, from one piece to thousands.

For more information or quote call (866) 532-5404 or visit our:
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Primary Capabilities:
Waterjet Services

Special Business Status:
Veteran Owned

CAD - Data Exchange Capabilities:
Our machines use DXF files.
If you create the drawing with a
CAD program please send DXF.
If the file is created in a vector graphics program please send it as AI or EPS.
Files must be PC (IBM) format.

Only .zip, .ai, .eps., .dxf, .scv, .
dwg, and .pdf files will be accepted

(See more info)


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